Militant Feminists – MiliFems – in Wales, UK

MiliFems in Wales have overstepped a boundary … and given us a wonderful opportunity to really take them to task for the denigration of, and offense to, ALL men. It seems we may have a legal challenge available to us – Sexual Discrimination Act (Provision of Goods and Services) and Gender Equality Duty.  I was wondering how the EqualityAct 2010 may play out too. The Welsh Government is in the final stages of bringing forward legislation that explicitly states –

  • ” … many male victims are perpetrators” (p17),
  • “…..Nearly all perpetrators are men” P17), and
  • Masculinity is associated with violence in most cultures and Wales is no exception; thus, all preventative work and interventions must be designed to address men’s violent behaviour” (p17) (NOT my emphasis!)

Is it OK to include the italic emphasis in the original government document …. is that emphasis premissable in an objective goverment document? 

AND … What about the HUGE EVIDENCE BASE that shows women are equal (or greater) perpetrators compared to men?


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2 Responses to Militant Feminists – MiliFems – in Wales, UK

  1. An interesting piece. It’s about damned time male victims of DV received as much sympathy, attention, and resources, as female victims – if only because there are at least as many of them. It’s a simple matter of compassion, and of human rights, at the end of the day.

    We wish you every success in Wales, and indeed elsewhere.

    Mike Buchanan


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